Department of Physical Chemistry,FHI berlin--马克思-普朗克学会柏林弗里茨-哈伯研究所物理化学系



  Overview of Research Activity in the Department

  Ultrafast Dynamics in Solids and at Interfaces.

  We aim at obtaining fundamental insights into ultrafast elementary processes in solids and at interfaces. Examples are electron transfer and localization, electron-phonon scattering, and energy dissipation. We make use of various femtosecond laser techniques to study the ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics in solids of selected systems.

  Molecular Processes at Surfaces.

  The study of molecular processes at interfaces is essential for the understanding of surface chemistry, molecular nanoscience, and applications. We stimulate reactions and molecular rearrangements by heat, light, electrons or electric fields. The subsequent dynamics is monitored using complementary techniques featuring high spatial resolution and chemical sensitivity.

  Complex Dynamics.

  We investigate dynamics and nonlinear phenomena in complex systems. Examples are molecular machines or spatiotemporal pattern formation in chemical reactions. We make use of electrochemical experiments, analytic theory as well as numerical simulations.