Institute for Chemical Research,Kyoto University--京都大学化学研究所



  The Institute for Chemical Research (ICR), launched in 1926 as the first research institute at Kyoto University, will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2016, however, its factual roots date back to 1915 (Specialized Center for Chemical Research founded at Kyoto Imperial University, College of Science for the study of special medicinal substance," Salvarsan," that is, arsphenamine, and so on). Our founding vision was to" Excel in the Investigation of Basic Principles of Chemistry and Their Applications." Since then, the ICR has continuously produced outstanding research achievements. Now, we have reached the current large-scale organization of five research divisions: Synthetic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Multidisciplinary Chemistry, and three research centers: Advanced Research Center for Beam Science, International Research Center for Elements Science (IRCELS), and Bioinformatics Center. Currently, about 120 faculty members, 210 graduate students, and 60 researchers are engaged in research activities in 30 laboratories in total supervised by full-time professors. Furthermore, we have 5 laboratories supervised by visiting professors.