Korean Chemical Society--韩国化学学会

来源: 韩国化学学会




  The Korean Chemical Society, as an academic organization, promotes research and education in the field of chemistry and the chemistry profession as a vital resource for Korea's economic and social development. The Korean Chemical Society is trying to help actively Korean chemists and contribute to the prosperity of all humankind in the 21st century. The philosophy of the Society is captured in the catchphrase, "Green Chemistry, Clean World".

  Development of the Chemical Society through various academic activities

  Cultivation of the future chemists and popularization of Chemistry through chemical education and outreach programs

  Development of the Korean chemical industry through educational-industrial cooperation in matters related to chemistry

  Globalization of Korean Chemical Society through positive international activities

  Development of the Chemical Society through cooperation with chemical science and other technology societies

  Supporting the development of chemistry through construction of database of chemistry-related information