The Crystallographic Society of Japan--日本结晶学会

来源: 日本结晶学会



  The CrSJ was founded in 1950 and was approved the following year to join the International Union of Crystallography(IUCr).We very much appreciate the IUCr for the rapid response. Japan has contributed to international crystallography since the early 20th century.An X-ray diffraction study by Torahiko Terada and an X-ray crystallographic study by Shoji Nishikawa(the first CrSJ president) were published in the year following the discovery of X-ray diffraction by the Lauegroup (Friedrich, Knipping,and Laue, 1913), and large-scale IUCr international conferences such as IUCr1972 (Kyoto) and IUCr2008 (Osaka) have been invited to Japan. In addition, the CrSJ participated the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014)that was recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations.